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Freezeout Coffee

Join a community of people who want their love of great coffee to help protect our planet


Protecting Our Planet

Freezeout Coffee exists to help preserve our planet. 

We created our company -- on the edge of the Russian River -- to contribute to the protection of land and water in Northern California.

In 2018, Freezeout Coffee contributed more than 20% of sales to land preservation.

A business partner of the Sonoma Land Trust and a member of One Percent for the Planet, we are creating a community of people who want their love of great coffee to have an impact.

We design & roast delicious coffee blends. And, we deliver to your home or business through our online subscription service.

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Our blends

The Headlands

This medium roast blends the mellow beans of Indonesia with the rich flavor of Colombian beans. The Headlands Blend makes a deliciously smooth cup of coffee.

As always, proceeds help preserve the land.

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This is our espresso blend. Ethiopian beans lead in this blend, with a touch of Colombian beans. This is blend has the distinctly citrus flavor that many people want in an espresso.

As always, proceeds help preserve the land.

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Willow Creek

Willow Creek is for you if you like a traditional cup of coffee. Colombian beans lead in this blend, which is great for a cup of coffee to start your day. 

We named this blend for the Willow Creek Preserve, which is home to Freezeout Creek, and located just down Freezeout Road from where our company got its start.

As always, proceeds help preserve the land.

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A community of coffee lovers helping preserve our planet