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Q&A with Dave Koehler, Lion King, Cars & Pelicans - Freezeout Unfiltered

Q&A with Dave Koehler, Lion King, Cars & Pelicans - Freezeout Unfiltered

Sonoma's Top Challenge: "Resilience to climate change"

Before Dave Koehler retired early this month as executive director of the Sonoma Land Trust, we had a chance to get his thoughts on 2 big questions:

What's the biggest challenge facing the future of Sonoma and the planet?
Dave: "Addressing resilience to climate change. 
Scientists tell us we have 10 years to turn things around and then we have about 50 to 100 years of continual work addressing needs related to climate change impacts. It’s changed the face of land conservation on a dramatic scale and placed an extreme high priority on our County’s overall need to steward its precious land and water resources. You’ll see Sonoma Land Trust moving forward with a strategic focus on work that provides resilience to climate change."   

What are you most proud of from your time at the Sonoma Land Trust?
Dave: "It’s been a pleasure and privilege to serve as Sonoma Land Trust’s executive director.  Some of the initiatives I’ve played a key role in were the development of the organization's 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, deepening our mission through implementing Community Programs and fostering new relationships with other organizations through our work to develop a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan, and implementation of a new land protection focus area on the Russian River watershed." 

Lion King
The year’s biggest story in Sonoma continues. In early September, yet another mountain lion was collared by the area’s Living with Lions team, which seems to be working overtime lately to protect the lions and educate the rest of us on how to live in harmony with wildlife. Researchers with Living with Lions collared the 13-month-old mountain lion close to Santa Rosa. This latest news follows the discovery early this year of a litter of cubs and the tranquilizing and relocation of a 50-pound lion in a Santa Rosa shopping mall in April.

Hopeful news that the car of the future won't be gas and will pull up to the curb sooner than you might expect -- at least in China. Take a look at Electric Gold Rush: The Auto Industry Charges into China. If you can't get to the end of this 5-mile long article, here's the CliffNotes: "China’s Society of Automotive Engineers has said 40% of passenger-vehicle sales in the country should be full electrics or plug-in hybrids by 2030."

Freezeout Coffee
Freezeout Coffee exists to help preserve the planet. Since Day One, we designed our business to make an impact. We give more than 20% of sales to help preserve land in Northern California. We've been a business partner since 2018 of the Sonoma Land Trust, and we are a member of 1% for the Planet. Your purchasing power has the power to make a difference. Order your coffee at