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Our Story

Like you, we love the land. We want to preserve it. We know a company committed from Day One to preserving the land can make the difference.

That’s why I created Freezeout Coffee.

I believe a company that roasts great coffee and gives half its profits to preserve the land can have a meaningful impact on protecting our planet.

I started by roasting small batches of coffee in my home not far from where Freezeout Creek flows into the Russian River. We spent more than a year developing our first blends - Sonoma, Willow Creek and Headlands.

What makes our coffee stand out is the care we devote to designing delicious blends.   

What makes our business stand out is our purpose. Every step of the way, we have  designed Freezeout Coffee so that half our profits can go to preserving the land. Together we will make a difference.




Jim Cole

Co-founder & CEO